How to Implement New Software: A Guide for Home Health Agencies

Most software implementations fail. If you are considering purchasing, or have already purchased, new software for your home health agency, this is probably not what you want to hear.



How to Implement New Software: A Guide for Home Health Agencies



Enquire is the premier CRM, marketing automation and contact center solution provider in senior living and post-acute care. Enquire CRM is a recognized leader in optimizing sales conversions and leveraging data for targeted outreach to referral sources. In addition, Enquire’s contact center solutions increase census and improve customer service for your organization. Enquire’s solutions boost your organization’s ability to identify leads, capture referrals, convert sales and engage patients. Gain the insight you deserve into the performance of your communities through our customized reporting and business intelligence solutions.

Enquire CRM

Integrate seamlessly with your business systems and processes to increase admissions, gain better data and create an exceptional experience for your customers. Customize your terminology, workflows and sales process to increase productivity.

Contact Center Solutions

Empower your organization to convert faster than the competition and sell more. Save dollars spent on staffing and technology and streamline the admission process with our industry-leading contact center solutions.


Marketing Automation

Simplify your marketing and sales process into one system! Fully-integrated marketing automation platform features integrated call tracking, landing page creation, web forms, emails, workflows and social media scheduling.

Business Intelligence

Enquire's business intelligence platform utilizes the most sophisticated infrastructure and tools to enable access and analysis of data, including over 100 report and dashboard visualizations featuring an easily-customizable interface.